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Ancient City Ghost Tours, St Augustine

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Ancient City Tours offers a walking Ghost Tour of St. Augustine.  We opted to take the 9:30 pm tour, which last for 1 1/2 hours.  Investigators present for tour were Shereen, Jenny, Lynn, Mac and Erin.
The tour starts in the Ward room of the Spanish Military Hospital were our guide, Charles, told us some of the history of the hospital and the grounds prior to the hospital being built.  We were encouraged to take photographs, when ever we felt like it, since that was probably due to the fact that a spirit was present.
The tour next took us to the town square, and then on down St. George Street, with several stops along the way.  As we winded our way throught the city our guide would stop at different establishments, one being the house pictured with the two upper floor dormer windows.  It was stated that an old cantankerous women had lived in this home and had not left it even in death, and that her spirit could be seen occasionally in the upstairs windows looking out over St. Augustine.  Check out, our picture of the windows, what if anything do you see, send us an email.
We finally came to the Tolomata Cemetery, where it is rumored that a young boy is often seen sitting in the tree by the front gate, but it is usually only children that see him, as it was felt he was lonely for playmates.
Our next stop was the Hugenot Cemetery, with the story of a local judge who never left.  Our tour ended at the city gates.
During the tour our team took temperature and EMF readings.  We had many fluctuations in EMF readings most being due to power lines and overhead lights as we walked through the city.  We made one stop to discuss the home of the cantankerous old women (see the picture) and we were getting EMF readings in the mid 4.0's.  The rest of the tour was uneventful as far as the equipment went.
The tour was a great way to hear about the diverse history of this city, and our quide, Charles, was eccentric enough to keep it interesting, but as to actual ghosts, there was not much felt or observed in the way of paranormal activity on this night. 

Tour started in the Ward room of Military Hospital

Orb in Ward Room

Enclosed garden on Tour

Tree at entrance to Tolomato Cemetery, siad to have boy spirit that sits in this tree

Not sure what this is

2nd picture is series of three

misty shape

possible figure in left dormer window