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EVP'S ( Electronic Voice Phenomena)

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What is an EVP (electronic voice phenomena)?
Evp are voices caught on recording devices such as tape recorders.  Thomas Edison first introduced this concept to the world during the latter part of his life.  He became obsessed with the afterlife and began trying to prove that we do go on when our bodies die.  He spent the last years of his life asking questions of ghosts.  He would turn on his recording machine, and while alone, began asking questions.  It would record his questions as well as the spaces between.  When playing the recordings back on a phonograph, he was amazed to find voices providing answers to his questions. 
The basic principle behind EVP collection is the use of an audio device in an attempt to catch voices and or sounds of the paranormal nature.Based upon what we know in regards to physics of sound, most people will accept that human voice is generally incapable of speaking below the 280Hz mar, which is the range most EVP's are captured, and according to the law of physics, impossible for the human voice to produce.
Some of the creepisest and most mysterious evidence of paranaormal activity are EVP's.  Much like photos of the paranormal, there are hundreds of examples of EVP's to scrutinize.  They range from unrecongnizable groans and mumbles to three hour long conversations.  Many scientist have studied this phenomenon and have not been able to explain it.
How to set up and record voices.
1. Get a good recorder, preferably with an external microphone.  Any unit no matter how nice, will put off somekind of internal sound that will be picked up by the microphone.  By using an external microphone, you lessen the possibility of picking up the internal gears inside the recorder that are moving the tape.  This kind of interference makes it very difficult to make out the voices.
2.  Provide some low background noise, you do not want it to overpower the recording.  Some suggestions are white noise(the fuzzy sound you get when there is nothing on the TV or radio station), running water, etc.  anything that will provide a steady stream of noise.  This noise makes it easier for spirits to communicate as it takes alot of energy to create noise.  This is why most EVP's are moans and groans.  The background noise allows them to piece together sounds from the static to more easily form words, thereby making it easier for them to talk.
3.  Find  a quiet place and set your recorder down.  Recorders can be carried around but this is less desirable as you will then also pick up the backgrounds sound of your movements. (It is suprising the first time you hear your recording and realize just how much noise we actually make while moving around)  
4.  Now that you have the recorder set up, you can do one of three things.  You can just sit there quietly, you can leave and come back latter to see what has turned up, or you can start asking questions.  Be sure to ask simple and straight forward questions, leaving a long pause after, giving them time to respond.(this pause needs to be three times as long as you would give a living person to answer.)  When you talk or ask questions speak loudly and cearly.  Don't speak directly into the microphone and do not whisper.  also keep in mind that spirits from the 1600 will not know what a "recorder is.
5.  At the beginning of your recording is is also a good idea to make comparitive noise for reference.  This means you make every sound possible that could be mistaken for a spirit, cough, breathe, scoot around, even have someone go into an adjoining room and talk at various volumes, bang on the walls etc.  Once you are finished annouce on the recording that you are finished with your comparitive noises.
Hopefully with this better understanding of EVP's and these few simple steps you will increase your chances of recording an EVP.
Good luck and happy hunting!    

Due to our strict confidentiality clause, some places can not be given out or named..

Osceola Investigation April 7, 2007

This one sounds like it says "Lives so sad" or "Lives so Bad"

Osceola Investigation April 7,2007

This one sounds like Momma to us, let us know what you think?

east lake cemetery (momma) 1/13/07

This one sounds like someone saying mother.
Then momma.

east lake cemetery (yes) 01/13/07

This one says yes then yes again.

Alford Investigation July, 2006

The EVP above says "GET OUT LEAVE MY HOME"

Alford Investigation (backwards)


EVP Woman saying Jenn's name

 ALFORD HOME......THIS ONE WE FEEL SAYS JENN, SOME PEOPLE THINK IT SAYS KILL. YOU DECIDE. Jenn felt someone touch her face as she was recording in the room. When she listened to the recording she heard this at the sametime she felt someone had touched her face. Jenn is one of our investigator's.

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