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Many different types of equipment are used to conduct an investigation.  Below is  a list and discription of the different equipment we may use.


Notepad-  This seems like a very simple piece of equipment, but it plays a key role in every investigation.  It is important to record the events of a vigil, along with the times an investigation starts and ends along with any unsual events or feelings experienced throughout the investigation.

 Camera-  Digital cameras have become a wonderful tool for investigators, when taking pictures use the highest mega pixel setting available.  When you go back to analyse any orbs or anomolies this allows you to be able to zoom in on anything caught on camera.  Flies, spiders and other bugs can often be mistaken as anomolies and it is only when you zoom in that you can actually see legs or wings.   We also like to back up our digital cameras with a 35mm.

Camcorder-  A night vision video recorder is essential to recording in the dark, and are perfect for long term survalliance of an area.

Digital Thermometer-  A thermometer is used to detect temperature fluctuations quickly.  A significant change in temperature could be an indication that there is spirit activity.

EMF Meters-  There is heavy research that suggests that there is a connection between paranormal activity and changes in electrical magnetic fields.

Tape recorders-  These are used for recording possible EVP's along with an audio record of your investigation.

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