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Seven Best Places to Find Ghosts

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The Seven Best Places To Find Ghosts.
1. Old houses. Those rundown mansions or houses might just be haunted, especially if a death occurred inside.
2. Castles. Dungeons, Drafty Rooms, and Dark Corridors are pretty enticing to spirits of the night. ( not that Florida is covered in these but you never know)
3.  Churches, monasteries, and Abbeys. Ghostly monks and nuns especially those of martyrs, have been sighted throughout the world.
4.  Cemeteries. This is a no brainer. The ghosts don't even travel far from home. Bachelors grove and Resurrection cemeteries in Chicago are two of the most famously haunted cemeteries in the U.S.A.
5.  Theaters.  Many actors just never want to leave the stage. They linger on long after the spot light has faded.
6.  Battlefields. Sites of tragedy and loss, such as those seen during the horrors of war, are often haunted. Two of the most famous haunted battlefields are Gettysburg and outside Fort Ticonderoga.
7. Death sites. Sometimes the spirits stay behind because they don't know they're dead. Some cant break free from the trauma surrounding their death. Others just revisit the sites of their demise.

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