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The answer to that is yes. Ordinary, average people do believe in ghosts. Polls taken have said that 70% of Americans believe in the possibility of ghost and nearly 80% of them said they or someone they new had something paranormal happen to them.


Is there any scientific evidence that we become spirits?

There have been a number of scientific attempts to prove the existence of the human soul by the comparing body of a person just before death and after. In 1907 a man by the name of Duncan McDougall weighed 3 bodies right before they died and then right after they died, all 3 people had dropped weight by 1 to 2 ounces followed by another ounce with in 3 minutes of the time of death. This making McDougall think it was the soul leaving the body.

Are Ghosts evil?

Despite the teachings of some religious faiths, traditional ghosts are not evil or harmful. Over the years, some have come to believe that a study of the paranormal is linked to the occult arts. This has prompted people to think ghosts and demons are the same. Which we all know is not true.

Do ghosts hurt people?

There have been instances of people being hurt by ghosts and by paranormal activities in their homes. However, it should be stressed that this is not the normal state of affairs and that instances of injury ( caused directly by spirits) are very very very rare.

The last known case of a death revolving around a living person was two centuries ago known by all paranormal investigators as the BELL WITCH. That’s how seldom that people are ever really hurt by spirits. Its usually the persons fault they get hurt, other words pay attention to what you are doing.


Do ghosts or spirits follow you home or from place to place?

Although it doesn’t happen very often, yes they can follow people from place to place. However, this does not mean that by going on a investigation to a haunted location, a ghost/spirit will decide to go home with you at the end of the investigation. Spirits/Ghosts who do follow people only do so for a very good reason, not because they suddenly take a liking to someone. Spirits/Ghosts inhabit certain locations for a variety of reasons and, in most situations, are tied to that spot. This seems to be either because of choice or because the spirit is trapped, due to the fact that his/her life ended suddenly and left them in confusion.

Do objects become haunted?

Yes, it has been known that certain things can become haunted.

Usually haunted items are antiques that the spirit or ghost was drawn too or used when they was living.

Are animals and children more sensitive to Ghosts/Spirits?

Yes. More animals than children are sensitive to seeing spirits or ghosts. Dogs and cats seem to be more sensitive than any other animal on the planet. They often bark, whine or merely seem fascinated by what appears to be a empty hallway, room or staircase.

Spirits/Ghosts do seem to be drawn to small children. Most researchers think this is because a child’s belief system is not as developed as a adults. They haven’t learned about ghosts or spirits. This is why I think children end up with imaginary friends that adults can’t see.

Are haunted places only active after dark?

No, and despite what Hollywood and the movies tell you, there is no time of day that is more active than another. The best pictures are better at night, but it really doesn’t matter. If a place is haunted, its haunted day or night.

Why do some ghost/spirits manifest as smells?

There have been ghosts/spirits that as odors in various locations. Many ghost hunters have investigated, and have even experienced, locations where ghostly odors are present. They often make themselves known through smells of flowers, cigars, perfume, liquor, body odor, etc…..These are just a few of many smells that they can make themselves known. The list is endless.

I had one investigation where I was at a tavern and the ghosts/spirits favorite drink was whiskey. I suddenly became drunk and had the whiskey taste in my mouth and actually vomited.

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