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Apopka Home 2007

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The owner of this home contacted us in a state of scared confusion. She related that here were alot of different activities  happening in her home that she thought were paranormal.
1. She was finding pennies all over her home and place of employment, some was even found on the toilet seats at home.   
2. She had  seen shadows,  which her young daughter  said was a shadow family that lived on her ceiling, and talked to the daughter.   At one time she related to her mom a message from the ceiling people, that her mom was pregnant.  Two weeks later the mom states she found out she was indeed pregnant.
3. During renovations the owner found what she was told was a binding spell in her back yard, suicide notes in the walls of her house as well as a note scribbled on the rafter in the attic all presumably from the previous owner.
 Our research into the home and the surrounding area did not result in any unusual information.  This was a fairly new home, and not much history to be found.
 We went to conduct our investigation and set up our equipment in the areas of the home the mother felt the "ceiling people" had been seen.  During our initial sweep through the home to get baseline readings, we found an EMF reading in the kitchen area that was off the chart, over 180.  We narrowed this down to an industrial air freshener that hung over the sink. 
Throughout the investigation we did not receive any unusual fluctuations in EMF or temperature readings, and a careful evaluation of the pictures, video and audio recordings did not reveal any evidence.
 We informed the owner about the high EMF readings and explained the possible physical side effects of such readings (see our EMF article). The owner decided to contacted her electrician, who felt we were a bunch of crazy women.  A report 2 weeks later from  the home owner was that the air freshener had caught fire. 
At this time we asked  the home owner, to monitor the activity and see if there is any change now that the air freshener has been removed, and the homes EMF readings are more normal. 




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