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Umatilla Police Department March 29, 2008
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The building that currently houses the Umatilla Police Department has had a long and diverse history. On the outside of the building there is a plaque that refers to 1939, and since this date has housed many things, the general store, the city water plant (there are two sealed wells inside the building), the electric company, an ice house and the fire department, and prior to this building there was a homestead that sat back where public works is currently located behind the Police station and this building sits on what was the front lawn.
There are also many different reports from the past and present employees, stating that the back and front hallway, Sergeant's office, copy room, kitchen, storage room, (most of the building) as per the officers  all have some form of activity.
The officers and deputies in the building report hearing and seeing shadows, footsteps, bangs and music.  Several people related that they are disturbed by this activity and a couple will admit to being frightened.  At least two of our officers past and present have complained about being watched, electrical problems, lights that work when they want to and that most of the activitiy is in the late evening.

Members present Lynn, Erin, Jen and Shereen.  We arrived at the Umatilla Police Department at 9:00pm and called for an officer to meet with us.  Officer Conkling pulled in several minutes later.   He was very helpful showing us around the department and relating events and paranormal activity reported to have happened here.  We were then left alone in the building to set up our equipment.  Approximately 15 minutes later Duty Sergeant Bell showed up with his wife, to tell us about his personal experiences in the building over the past several months.     


The Officers confirmed and added to the reports we had already recieved about shadowy figures being seen in the building.  Late at night in the hallway in front of the Sgt’s office people have reported seeing a shadowy figure moving back and forth.  This same type of figure is seen moving through the hallway and kitchen area.  This area has two rooms that were once cells and have now been converted into storage areas, and one officer believed that this shadowy figure was a previous officer still guarding the inmates.  There were also several reports of officers hearing footsteps on a wooden ramp going into the kitchen area, when they turn around there is of course no one there to account for these footsteps. Some of the other activity reported was unaccountable bumps and noises (one noise is reported to sound like when you scrunch a plastic soda bottle) and problems taking mug shot photos, they would get a strange white shadow on some of them and when they retake the photo it is gone. (The Sgt. contributed this to the fact that it was an old camera.) In the back room, where some of the older evidence is stored, there is a bike from many years ago were a young boy was hit and killed by a car.  The officers say they sometimes hear laughter and music in this room, almost like the sound of a child’s bell on their bicycle.  

One story we heard was that during the time that the building housed the water plant, a worker fell into one of the wells that is located under the current kitchen area and drowned.  (We have not yet been able to substantiate this story.) 


We set up the DVR cameras to cover the back room and the child’s bicycle in storage along with the ramp area that has the reported footsteps.  A digital audio recorder was also set up in the back room to try and recorder the laughter and bell sounds.  Three other digital video cameras were set up to cover the hallway were the old cells and shadow figure is reported, the Sgt’s office hallway and in the inmate shower/bathroom area just in front of the chief’s office.  We went lights out and the investigation was started at 10:30pm.  We conducted a walk through taking baseline readings, EMF 0.4 and temp was 71 degrees.  Erin took the first shift viewing the DVR monitor,  Jen stationed herself at the computer area where the officers report working when they hear the ramp footsteps and see the shadows in the hallway in front of the Sgt’s. Office.  Lynn took the front mug shot room and Shereen was in the old cell hallway in front of the Chief’s office.  During this time Jen attempted to use her divining rods, with very little success.  She reported that the rods seemed to have a mind of there own and would spin around uncontrollably and when they would slow down long enough to come together instead of crossing they would meet at the ends and almost tap together.  She said she could not get any answers to questions and felt this activity was due to high energy and may have been because of the reported wells under this area.

Also during this time, Shereen was asking for any spirits to let us know they were present by making themselves known by making a noise etc.  and there was a loud thud on the hallway wall.  Lynn was in the next room and reported also hearing this noise, though we could not get a repeat response to this thump.  During this time, Shereen felt she saw an orb like light pass in front of her and said there was the sound of a lot of movement and whispers coming from inside the Chief’s office area.  Lynn reported that the front photo room was very quite.  Erin reported nothing unusual seen on the monitor but reported hearing the plastic bottle scrunching sound coming from the garage area, she went to investigate and the room was empty and nothing could be found to account for this noise.  At 12:00am the group went outside for a break and left cameras running.

We resumed our investigation at 12:30am, with us shifting locations.  Shereen was getting EMF readings of 3.5 on her cell sensor, in the kitchen and hallway in front of the chief’s office.  We could not find any specific cause for these readings and nothing had presented earlier when we obtained our base line readings.  Also, we again heard the sound coming from the garage area that sounded like someone crunching a plastic soda bottle, and another search of the area revealed no obvious cause for this noise.   We continued this segment of the investigation until 1:30, when we again left the building for a break and left the cameras operating.

Upon our return at 2:00am, Jen and Erin went into the Sgt’s office to sit for a while.  While sitting there, Jen felt a significant nudge to her right leg.  Erin and Jen also reported hearing tapping, banging and sounds of movement coming from the direction of the chief’s office, which was just on the other side of the wall.  Since we did not have access to this room we could not investigate these noises. During this time, Lynn was stationed at the officer’s computer area with a view of the Sgt’s hallway and Shereen was monitoring the DVR, both reported no unusual activity or noises.  Later in the evening, Shereen and Lynn went to the back room, where the child’s bike is stored, to do some EMF work, most of the room was producing a 0.4, but as we came back to the front of the room by the lockers we started getting a reading of 4.2 on the EMF.  Again, a thorough search could find nothing to account for this reading, and it lasted about 5 minutes and then was gone.  

We concluded our investigation at 3:00am.

A complete review of all of our video, still pictures and digital audio  revealed one orb  moving across in front of the chiefs office.  No other anomalies were noted  during review of the evidence.  

A follow contact with the department, reveals that the officers are still reporting unusual activity and we are currently attempting to reschedule a follow up investigation.

Garage Area w/ light orb in upper right

Lynn setting up equipment in the Officer's room.

Jen taking EMF readings on ramp were footsteps are often heard.

Hallway in front of the Chief's office.

Erin in Officer's room.

Evidence and Property Room