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Pine Hills Home 2006

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Investigation was conducted On October 6, 2006 and November 6, 2006.
A man had died in this home last December and the family found him three weeks later during the Christmas holidays.  One of the daughters contacted us about certain activity going on such as; her sisters name being said over the radio, shadows being seen and a need for some answers as to how and why the father died, (there was some question in the familys mind as to foul play)
The  first investigation, was started  about 8:30 PM. We conducted a quick walk thru to obtain baseline readings and then set up all of  our equipment, which consisted of digital voice recorders,  portable radio for white noise, video cameras with night shot , emf meters,  thermometors, and digital and 35mm cameras.
Since this was not a large area to investigate, we opted to pick areas for different team members to sit, listen and watch.
Jenny and myself were stationed in the room were the owner was found  and we both got a smell of vodka at one point in the evening, which we later found out from the family was his favorite drink. 
After about an hour and half into the investigation, we went outside for a short break, as we were discussing the progress of the investigation, we noted that the volume on the radio white noise had increased,(Prior to this you could not hear it from outside).   We continued to talk, waiting to see if anything else would happen and  we then heard three very loud, distinctive bangs. We all proceeded, including the daughter, back into the house and the radio went back to low volume.  The daughter did not plan to stay for the whole investigation, and as we were walking her out to her vehicle, again the radio white noise increased until it could be heard outside and as she was getting in her car, we again were rewarded with three loud bangs.  (Was this the father attempting to contact his daughter, and trying to keep her there with him a little longer.)
During the course of the second investigation, two of our team members had different experiences.  Tracy was coming out of the garage, in to the dining room and felt something brush her face.  (No unusual equipment readings were noted at this time).  Shereen was feeling a cold spot directly behind her on the left side.  We took many temperature readings and found that this area, consistantly recorded 5 degrees colder than the rest of the room.  Shereen reported that this cold presence was behind her most of the evening.
We did capture an EVP which is on our EVP Page.
The conclusion of this investigation was YES there is paranormal activity,  and a need for more investigating to determine a possible haunting.
We were not able to conduct any further investigations, as the home has since been sold with the closing of the estate.

Pine Hills EVP

father found here on floor

bedroom ceiling, orb

Den by bedroom