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This investigation was conducted on August 11, 2007.  The family contacted us because they felt they were having paranormal activity.  The family purchased this home in early October  2006.                                                                               Almost right from the start their teenage son was reporting unusual occurances.   He was seeing the shadow of a man enter his room in the evening while he was sleeping, and asked his father repeatedly if he was coming into his room at night.  He also reported that his TV, would change channels on its own and that a chair in his room would get moved.  He never reported actually seeing the chair move, just that it would be in a different place when he would return to his room.   

Soon after this the mother started to get an uneasy feeling in the home.  In the master bedroom, the dresser mirror kept falling over and after repeatedly replacing it they moved the dresser to another wall.  The picture that was then hung on that wall  started to fall off regularly. 

The family then started questioning the neighbors and found out that the family that owned the home prior to them argued a lot and the man killed himself in the master bedroom in early September. (Just prior to them buying the home)

The family has noted many other events in the home, the father has now seen the shadowy mans figure, a Santa toy goes off and plays music on its own, even from under the bed once,  they hear a bang in the bedroom and find upon entering that objects have been thrown across the room,  and the couple are having feelings of hostility towards each other that they report as being unusual for their relationship and it only happens when they enter the home.  They have resorted to staying in hotels and have even slept in their truck for an evening of peace from these feelings. 

The investigative team consisted of Erin, Jennifer, Lynn, Mac, Shereen and Tracy.  We arrived around 9pm and proceeded to set up our equipment.  Video cameras were placed in the master bedroom and the sons bedroom,  the two areas reported to have the most activity.  We went lights out by 9:30pm. 

We closed our investigation at approx. 2:00am,  our team had no unusual events or experiences to report for the evening.  We found that the floor of the home was very unlevel and the doors would easily swing close on there own.  A thorough sweep of the home with the EMF meter revealed one clock radio in the master bedroom that produced a 36 reading and a review of the videos, audio recordings and pictures produced one picture with an orb and no other evidence.

We educated the family in ways to reclaim and cleanse their home, and assisted them with an initial cleansing prior to leaving.